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OSD Parent University

You are invited to Join Us for an important Family Workshop!
January 28, 2020
7 PM
Oceanside High School

Mental Health & Wellness 101

Featuring Presenters:
Rachel Priest, Community Educator from the Mental Health Association of Nassau County (MHANC)
Oceanside High School Youth Council Student Representatives

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to re-frame the term ·mental Illness to an understanding that we ALL have mental health, It is not just the presence or absence or an Illness. The presentation will Include·

• An understanding of mental health as an Integral part of overall health and a continuum of wellness
• A brief overview of the prevalence of youth mental health issues and the effects or mental Illness on learning and student behaviors
• Signs and symptoms, and risk and protective factors
• The promotion of pro-active healthy mind and body habits, coping strategies, help-seeking behaviors and the concept of recovery

Oceanside High School Student Representatives and members of our newest Elective, Re-framing Mental Health will share an overview of the OSD Be Well Initiatives taking place at the secondary level and their tops youth tips for supporting your child's Mental Health!

Event Recap

What a night!

We are so proud of Oceanside High School's Youth Council for their part in last nights Parent University Workshop. They gave an incredible presentation about their personal experiences surrounding Mental Health and overall Wellness.We should all be inspired by these amazing students, and their mission to inspire and educate their peers on various ways that they can lead healthy, well-balanced lives. Bravo! eye opening presentation on what Mental Health truly means...

Here's what our friends at The Makeshift Movement had to say: "Last nights Parent University Workshop at Oceanside High School was an informative and inspiring event for all! We are thrilled to see such important topics being discussed so openly in these forums. Rachel Priest, MHA Speaker and Mental Health Professional provided an eye opening presentation on what Mental Health truly means, and ways that we all can find balance by utilizing effective coping skills and integrating different avenues of Wellness.The highlight of the evening certainly came from the presentation of Oceanside High Schools Youth Council, lead by Sara Dowler and Jackie Sileo. These students bravely shared their personal experiences with mental health, and why they feel sharing these experiences makes a difference in how society approaches the topic and those who struggle. We applaud their courage and can’t wait to see what incredible things the Youth Council continues to do!

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